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Brazilian Stores Charging $100 to Pirate Ten PS4 Games on Your Console

by on May 14, 2015


It appears that some stores in Brazil have discovered a way to pirate PlayStation 4 games, and also come up with a clever plan to make a quick buck out of it. If you pay around $100, they will install 10 games of your choice on a PlayStation 4 console, voiding its warranty and stepping into illegal ground.

The process behind it is currently unknown and will probably remain like this for a long time. Sony has allegedly already taken steps towards taking legal actions, and it’s very likely for this whole operation to be shut down soon.

While the stores only charged $100, buying ten games would usually cost around $600. This means that the stores probably had a lot of customers, as piracy is something many embrace without thinking of consequences.

Source: VG247

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