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Review | Grand Theft Auto V (PC)


When we reviewed the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V last year, we were very impressed not only by its visual fidelity but also the inclusion of the first-person mode.  It was the definitive version of one of the finest GTA titles in the franchise.

Now fast forward a few months later and Rockstar has give gamers one more edition of GTA V – the PC version.

So what makes the PC version an even more enhanced iteration of Grand Theft Auto V? Mainly, it’s the game’s ability to take advantage of a PC’s technical power, assuming you have a pretty good gaming rig.  More importantly, those that have a 4K setup will be able to sit back in awe and how gorgeous the game looks with the extra horsepower.

Those with powerful PCs can actually play the game in 60fps and even multi-display setups are supported.


Controlling the game with a mouse and keyboard doesn’t work half bad either, though thankfully the game does support a controller. Navigating through the menus is pretty easy to do, in particular when using the web browser, though rummaging through the ammunition store is a bit more of a hassle.

Where the game truly shines with a mouse and keyboard is of course, shooting.  Regardless of how many enemies you have coming after you, a mouse just makes it so much easier to shoot them down, while hotkeys improve on ability management. For those that prefer to just play with a controller, the game seamlessly swaps out the controls so you don’t have to go through any further setup to get going – the game just works.


GTA Online also plays exceptionally on PC, while the addition of new heists and other activities like co-op, deathmatches and races all shine.

Rockstar also added the Rockstar Editor tool and Director Mode, which gives players access to many playable character models.  You can also capture gameplay video and export them to make movie reels. Players that have an eye for video editing will really be able to take advantage of all of the tools available.


Overall, Grand Theft Auto V is an absolute treat to play on PC and having been able to run it on a 4K monitor was amazing.  I maxed it out using NVIDIA’s GeForce Titan X which I paired up with Acer’s 4K G-Sync monitor.  Having seen what GTA V looks like on my PC has convinced me to keep the PS4 version in my bookcase.  It’s absolutely stunning and Rockstar has outdone themselves once again with this version of the game.

Final Score: 10 out of 10


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