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Skullcandy SLYR GMX-1 Xbox One Gaming Headset Review

Let me start out by saying that I’m a Skullcandy fan already.  My first experience with the brand was a pair of ear buds I bought from a BestBuy machine at the Dallas airport.  Those ear buds sounded as smooth as chocolate and as crisp and sharp as the tip of an arrow.  A very sharp arrow.  They were so good, my daughter stole them from me.  So, where are those earbuds now you ask?  Yes… the teenage wasteland.  Ruined.  I’ve had other Skullcandy earbuds since then, all with amazing sound quality for the price.  That brings me to their latest product.  Skullcandy SLYR GMX-1 Headset for Xbox One.

SLYR_2014_Black Green_Snake_v2_SMSLGO-012

If you love green and black, you’re in luck.  That’s the color scheme. I’m sure they’ll have other color combinations in the future, but for the first Xbox One headset, it has the Xbox colors.  Now let’s plug ‘em in and put them on the dome.   Hmmm…pretty soft around the ears, not too tight either.  At CES, I tried on the Sennheiser headphones…yeah, they were better, but also you’re talking $1500.00 bucks.  At around $100 bucks the Skullcandy SLYR’s are good enough.  I’m currently playing Resident Evil Revelations 2 on the Xbox One and the creepy sounds and music come through clear and as loud as you want…..if you turn them up too loud you’ll blow your brains out!  These would be good to listen to music with too.  So, make sure you have your music in your Xbox One, because these headphones don’t work on any other audio product.  They are Xbox One exclusive.

SLYR_2014_Black Green_SMSLGO-012

Sound to mic volume controls:  When you plug the headset cord into your Xbox One controller, right there at the connection is the Game and Voice volume control.  Awesome.  It’s right there where your thumbs are already.  No chasing the cord up to your ear to find the little volume thingy, it’s right there at the base of your controller.

Final verdict:  Great sound, good design, fantastic price. ($99.99) 5 out of 5.


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