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Bloodborne – You need to keep an eye on these people

If Bloodborne is truly like the previous Souls games, then people will be making discoveries about it for months, maybe even years, to come. There’s lore to suss out, mechanics to define, and exploits to discover. From Software doesn’t make games that fade away after the first month; it makes games filled with secrets and obscurities ripe for you to uncover over time.

Of course, you can’t do it all alone. So, here’s a list of the people entrenched in Bloodborne, looking to unravel everything it’s got.

EpicNameBro & A German Spy


EpicNameBro, and A German Spy when he finally starts his Bloodborne series, both worked on the game’s official guide. That means that both of them have been playing the game for months now and were specifically tasked with figuring out how it works. Also, they both have information from playing early versions of the game that might never be released publicly outside their videos. EpicNameBro is already several episodes deep into his Bloodborne let’s play, which is definitely worth watching after you finish the game or, like me, while I’m working my way through it. And, although A German Spy’s playthrough isn’t live yet, he’s promised it’s coming soon.



VaatiVidya is best known for his excellent re-tellings of the Souls series’ lore, using in-game footage, narration, and clips of voice-acting. His best videos take time to make, but he’s filling the gap with some nice boss and hidden item guides. But if you’re having trouble with Bloodborne’s scattered story, you should be looking forward to VaatiVidya’s inevitable lore series.



Don’t let her name fool you, Dark Souls fans, Quelaag is already deep into Bloodborne and plans to release a series of videos detailing its story. If you haven’t seen her Dark Souls lore explanations, you’ve missed out on her thorough explanations and adorable doodles. Quelaag turns theSouls series’ complicated pieces of lore into evocative cartoons and talks you through the basics. She’s a great jumping off point for your own speculation and shouldn’t be skipped.



LobosJr is a speedrunner, trying to race through the Souls series as fast as possible. But, in addition to normal speedruns, he also does incredible challenge runs. This is the man who has beaten Dark Souls in every way you can imagine and even ways you can’t. He’s finished the games using only a shield, only his fists, only carrying a torch, in a modded first-person mode, and many more unique ways. He’s already working on speedrunning Bloodborne on his Twitch and YouTube channels and will more than likely start playing the game under a weird set of rules in the future. While you might never want to imitate LobosJr’s practices, you can use them as a good example for how many different playstyles From Software’s games support.



Elajjaz is at the forefront of Souls speedrunning and has already started working on Bloodborne. He does what are called all boss runs. This means that Elajjaz has to figure out the quickest way to kill every single boss available in Bloodborne. Other speedrunners will often find ways to skip as many bosses as possible to reach the end of the game. Those are always fascinating to watch, but sometimes it’s just as interesting to watch someone like Elajjaz have to stay skillful throughout a larger chunk of the game. His route through Bloodborne will likely change over time as new glitches and tricks are found, so it’s worth checking in from time to time. It’s almost cathartic to watch someone slowly master the fastest and easiest way through an otherwise punishing game.

Peeve Peeverson


Peeve Peeverson is my go-to streamer for Souls, and now Bloodborne, PvP content. He dives deep into the series’ multiplayer dueling, showcasing character builds for different specializations. He doesn’t have a set schedule, but streams often on his Twitch channel

Bloodborne Subreddit

As a general rule, it’s good to keep up on subreddits for your favorite games, but the Souls series ones tend to be the root of the most impactful discoveries. The large community will help the Bloodborne subreddit figure out things quickly as their are tons of people willing to test new theories. It’s also a fun place to see fan art, cosplay, and other stuff that isn’t necessarily tied to the actual game. Bookmark it!

Bonfireside Chat


If you’re even slightly into the Souls series, the Bonfireside Chat podcast is required listening. Hosts Kole Ross and Gary Butterfield, along with guests, examine the Souls games in parts over each episode. This is a podcast that takes a magnifying glass to the games and is already at work on starting their Bloodborne season later this month. It covers not just the dark environments and bosses of the games, but their lore, the player versus player content, the speedrunning community, and any DLC that arrives. Ross and Butterfield already have their first, non-spoilery impressions available now.

The Lore Hunter

The Lore Hunter is a newcomer to the Souls discussion, but it’s already shown it’ll be a good one. This blog is dedicated to Bloodborne and is already cataloguing lore information into well-written posts. The Lore Hunter also includes good bits of speculation that you wouldn’t find in, say, a wiki website.


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