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Preview: Melancholy Republic

The path to power is a steep and dangerous one, even more so for individuals who attempt to follow it with integrity. But even once that power is secured, how do you wield it? Or will having it even make a difference? These are the questions that the up coming JRPG style video game Melancholy Republic hopes to explore. Set in the fictional country of Lorna, the player takes control of Claire C Lockridge who has recently been elected to be a senator in her country’s central parliament. As a noble, she is eager to live up to her family name and use her new position as a way to make the capitol and by extension the country a better place. Little does she know that this mission will take her all over Lorna’s capitol, from the luxurious parliament building to the sewer slums and beyond. After learning the tragic tales of her people, Claire’s resolve will be tested. Will she stick to her views or will she be forced to compromise them for her own sake or for the sake of another?


Melancholy Republic is a JRPG inspired game that is still under development by Cloud Runner Studios that hopes to release by early 2016 for PCs only. As long time fans of classic JRPGs (such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy), Cloud Runner Studios plans on bringing the same nostalgic passion to Melancholy Republic in both story and game play. Exploration and talking to citizens will primarily be the larger focus though there will also be mini-games that will keep the game interesting, such as exploring crime scenes, sneaking into the heavily guarded parliament building, canvassing votes or persuading citizens or fellow politicians to help you in your cause. The 16 bit animation seems fitting for the classic genre it is attempting to replicate, complete with painted backgrounds, and a impressive original musical score created by Metronomix Studios.

Main Character

The game has been put on Steam’s Green Light and Cloud Runner Studios plans to use the money garnered by Kickstarter to bring on more members to the team to assist with completing the necessary illustrations, art, sprites, writing and world mapping. If they exceed their goal, which is 15,000 pounds, Cloud Runner Studios plans on putting any extra funds on increasing the game’s quality and possible release on other plateforms. Kelly McGuire, Co-writer and Editor of Melancholy Republic, assures that the game will still be released in full regardless of Kickstarter’s success, though failing to meet their goal may mean that the release date will have to be pushed back even further.

For more information on Melancholy Republic visit their Kickstarter

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Also check out their Twitter page


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