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access_time March 23, 2015 at 6:00 AM in PC/Mac by Ramon Aranda

Preview | Afro Samurai 2


The high-octane action of Afro Samurai is back for another go around with Afro Samurai 2, which is currently in development for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We had the chance to get a first-look at the game earlier this month and it seems to be coming along quite nicely. The sequel continues the story of the first game though this time around, players take on the role of one of Afro’s closest friends, who is now a “cybernetically enhanced” machine known as Kuma.  One of the firs things we noticed was that the camera is now fixed, so it makes it much easier to follow the action, while combat has been simplified to a single button, to make it easier to pick up and play.  Though one button handles the action, you can still pull off combo attacks, which can really get deep when you start mixing in the various styles.  There are styles such as Afro (defensive), Kuma (fast/robotic) and Master (sword master) that you can change on the fly using a pop-up circle menu.


During the demo, we came upon a room that looked like a part of a club, with large speakers that pumped out music and projectiles that needed to be avoided, while enemies went on the attack.  David Robinson, founder of the development studio Redacted Games, that is in charge of Afro Samurai 2, showcased his skills and his ability to switch around fighting styles to take care of his enemies in a matter that was swift and effective. Surely as players progress, they’ll begin to learn how to pull up each style when needed, though Robinson made it look easy.

Robinson also explained that the game will be episodic, with each one having a hip hop act at the forefront, not only as a character in the game but with a song that tells a story, which is being selected by RZA.  Currently there are three episodes in development with more likely on the way after release.


The game retained its highly stylized look though from what I saw, though it appeared much smoother than the first game and I’m quite interested to see how the game shapes up as it gets deeper into development.

We’ll have more on Afro Samurai 2 in the coming months, but so far, so good.


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