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Total War marches into the Humble Store with a weekend sale

total war

Today the folks at Humble Bundle were excited to reveal a massive sale on Total War titles. This sale will feature said titles at a whopping 75% off the regular price. It could be a bit boring to simply list the games and their prices, so we’ll tell a little tale to keep things interesting.

The first game to charge into the store is Total War Rome II: Emperor Edition. At the discounted price, fans can pick up this title for $14.98. Total War Shogun 2 follows closely behind, coming in at a price of $7.49 as it tries to take down some foes that Rome II missed.

Total War Shogun 2 is taken down by the sheer number of enemies, and Napoleon: Total War steps up in an attempt to finish what the other two games started. Unfortunately, its $3.74 price tag doesn’t allow it to take down many of the enemies that are swarming onto the field.

Empire: Total War and Medieval II: Total War decide to team up with their identical $4.99 price tags, and manage to take down a third of the remaining foes thanks to sheer teamwork. Unfortunately for them, teamwork isn’t enough to carry them through the sheer number of remaining foes, and they fall.

Rome: Total War charges in with a $2.49 price tag… but it really should’ve looked where it was going, as it trips and falls into a spike-filled pit. Total War: Rome II: Culture Pack leaps over the pit that took out Rome: Total War, but its $3.99 leap wasn’t enough to get past the second pit that was placed directly behind the first.

Total War: Rome II: Wrath of Sparta and Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai decide to take a page from Empire and Medieval’s book, teaming together with their identical $7.49 tags. They are quite successful, taking out half of the remaining foes before being overwhelmed.

The enemy forces begin celebrating, not realizing that they have overlooked a powerful foe. Total War Grandmaster Collection: Complete Edition steps up and quickly shows them the error of their ways as it wreaks havoc with its massive $41.24 price tag. Having defeated the remainder of the enemy forces, Grandmaster Collection sets about burying and grieving for its fallen comrades.

Will you be picking up any of the fallen games, or perhaps the sole survivor of the bloody battle? And what did you think of the story?



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