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access_time March 17, 2015 at 5:57 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum now available in North America


Nippon Ichi Software is excited to release The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum across North America today. Fans who are looking forward to the title in Europe will have to wait three more days, as it is scheduled to release on March 20 over there.

Courtesy of the official press release, here’s a brief introduction to the game’s story, for those wondering what, exactly, it’s about:

Several years after a certain revolution came to pass, and the powerful Satanael was defeated, the devils were still dominant in their constant war against the angels. Meanwhile, a certain Celestia was resorting to guerilla warfare to survive. The angels focused on researching a way to create a “God” to use as their ultimate weapon against the devils. After creating the “Fate Awakening Crystal,” which can turn a human into God, the angels awaited the day to find someone who would be compatible.

Walking home from school in the human world, a boy is attacked and stabbed through the heart by a group of devils. As he lay dying, his life is saved by a mysterious girl. He wakes up in an unfamiliar location—Celestia. As if guided by the Fate Awakening Crystal implanted in his chest, he finds himself thrust into the middle of the war between angels and devils. He must harness his newly awakened powers, choose how to use them, and ultimately decide which of the two new girls in his life he will do anything to save…

Those curious about our thoughts on the title can check out our review.



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