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The 10 Best Games To Replay On Your New 3DS


So, you’ve upgraded from your now obsolete model 3DS, and you’ve noticed that 3D is actually pretty cool when moving the system a centimeter doesn’t ruin it.  Or, maybe you’re just happy to have a second joystick.  Maybe, you’re appreciating the faster processor.  Whatever your reason for upgrading, here are the games that will make the most of your New 3DS.

monster hunter ultimate

# 10 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

It’s not a surprise that Nintendo and Capcom worked together to ensure that Monster Hunter 4 released alongside the new 3DS. The Monster Hunter series has been notoriously difficult to control with single joysticked handhelds. There is even a term, Monster Hunter claw, made to describe the uncomfortable position necessary to access the Dpad and analog slider simultaneously. While the 3DS’s touch screen alleviated matters somewhat, the addition of a C-stick makes Monster Hunter far more practical to play.

Even with the new controls, Monster Hunter isn’t for everyone. Some will enjoy the depth and strategy of the series, and others will find the grind heavy gameplay tedious. If you’re on the fence about checking out Monster Hunter 4, its predecessor can be yours for about half the price. Perfect for dipping your toes into the monster infested waters.

#9. Super Mario 3D Land

Aside from a remake of the original Mario 64, Mario’s handheld adventures were limited to the 2nd dimension. Super Mario 3D Land had Mario jumping into the 3rd dimension in two ways. Mario could now move along the Z axis of his game’s world, and gamers could enjoy the game in stereoscopic 3D.

Stereoscopic 3D added little to the gameplay, besides being obligatory for a few brief segments, but Mario’s bizarre floating world looked much more appealing. There is a certain thrill in seeing Mario pop ever so slightly out of the screen after bouncing on a music box, or falling far into the background to reach a distant platform. Aside from the 3D effects, Super Mario 3D Land is simply a fantastic game, so you shouldn’t need much of a reason to replay it.

#8. Star Fox 64 3D

Nintendo tried to update some old classics to fill out the 3DS’s weak first year lineup. Star Fox 64 was a natural choice. Working with an on rails game meant that developers could find ample opportunity to take full advantage of stereoscopic 3D. Staring into the depths of space is more enjoyable than ever with stable 3D. While those who cut their teeth on the original might scoff at such a change, newer players may choose to control the game through the 3DS’s gyroscopes without disrupting the 3D effects.

#7. Kid Icarus Uprising

Kid Icarus Uprising was one of the best games on the 3DS… if you were right handed. The game’s unique control scheme heavily favored those within the right handed majority. The Circle Pad Pro allowed lefties to get in on the action at the cost of a bulky peripheral. The new 3DS C-stick is a more ergonomic, if slightly less accurate, solution.

Even if you were right handed, you’ll still want to revisit the game’s flying sequences.  The stellar art direction and 3D effects are a winning combination, and are a great reason to return to Skyworld.

#6. AR Games/Face Raiders

If you were one of the early 3DS adopters, you found yourself with a slim lineup to choose from.  In your boredom, you may have stumbled upon Nintendo’s quirky little preinstalled games.  Using AR cards and the 3DS cameras, players could engage in simple but clever minigames that used the real world as the background.

The problem is that these games didn’t work very well.  It seemed that using the cameras and gyroscopes were taxing for the 3DS’s processor, which made the game lag quire a bit.  The augmented reality stuff is nifty in 3D, but using the gyroscopes means you can’t stay in the 3D sweetspot.

The New 3DS’s features solve both of these problems, so bust out those AR cards and give these games a second chance.

#5. Pilotwings Resort

It’s a shame that Pilotwings was released when it was. Pilotwings Resort is a fun little game which would have made an amazing budget title. Unfortunately, it was expected to carry the launch of the 3DS, and was not up to the task.

If you didn’t have a 3DS at launch, now is the perfect time to dip into the back catalog. Pilotwings, which has dropped in price since launch, offers a perfect balance between challenge and relaxation. Moreover, Pilotwings still offers some of the best 3D the 3DS has to offer. Pilotwings was especially sensitive to the slightest tilt of the 3DS, so the new stability is a great reason to check out this underrated game or return to Wuhu Island.

#4. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time 3D showed that even older games designed for 2D displays could make a smooth transition to the world of stereoscopic 3D. One of my favorite features of this remake was the ability aim with the 3DS’s gyro sensor. This felt more natural, and made for a huge improvement over the N64 original’s antiquated aiming. Unfortunately moving the 3DS while the 3D is on is quite disorienting. This forced players to make a choice between improved aiming and 3D visuals. Now, gamers can enjoy both of these new additions to an all time classic.

#3. Kirby Triple Deluxe

Counter-intuitively, this 2D game arguably makes the best use of the Nintendo 3DS’s selling point. Triple Deluxe really ran with the idea of 3D, adding tons of gimmicks where Kirby interacted with the background and foreground. Clever uses of 3D are mixed with cheap 3D sticks (OMG that enemy is coming out of the screen!) to add some visual flair to Kirby’s colorful world. Now, players will be able to appreciate this aesthetic even when conditions are less than ideal.

#2. Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations made an immediate splash by showing that the right developer could make spectacular use of the 3DS’s limited horsepower. Revelations is still arguably the best looking game on the 3DS. More importantly, Revelations is a well crafted gaming experience that offers a happy medium between the slow paced original games and the action oriented modern Resident Evil. The experience is even better now with stable 3D, and the ability to aim with the 3DS’s C-stick.

#1. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance was one of the most ambitious third party titles on the 3DS. Kingdom Hearts’ rich visuals pop on the 3DS (the Fantasia level in particular is a visual treat).  Problematic camera controls are alleviated with the addition of a second joystick.  Many developers use handhelds as an excuse to deliver a watered down product (looking at you Arkham Origins: Blackgate and Epic Mickey 2 Power of Illusion), but Square Enix made sure that Dream Drop Distance was a worthy entry to the franchise.  With the light at the end of the Kingdom Hearts development


Those are the games I’m looking forward to enjoying on my shiny new 3DS.  What games do you want to check out again or try for the first time?


  • Kuchiri March 15, 2015 at 9:22 AM

    Is it a ten way tie for the top ten games to play? They’re all at 1. 😛

  • Justin Weinblatt March 15, 2015 at 9:44 AM

    Not quite sure how that happened, but thanks for pointing that out so I could fix it.

    • Kuchiri March 16, 2015 at 1:20 PM

      It’s all good.

  • Ramon Aranda March 22, 2015 at 8:00 PM

    I’m finally finishing Ocarina of Time, then moving on to Majora’s Mask.

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