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access_time March 11, 2015 at 5:40 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Paperbound attacks PS4 and Steam on March 31

paperbound 2

Today the team behind Paperbound were thrilled to announce that the game will soon assault both PlayStation 4 (via PSN) and PC (via Steam). The assault is currently planned for March 31, 2015, and will feature AI bots to help it succeed.

These bots, the developers stated, will allow solo players to enjoy the experience or simply be great for filling out additional spots, thus allowing gamers with an odd number of players to be able to fight without too much of a handicap. “Each particular AI character has their own play style and personality,” they stated in their press release. “For example, Juan Aguacate is aggressive and prefers melee, while Ninjeddy is more cautious and makes adept use of all available weapons. The bots also adapt to player skill level, and can be used in all game modes.  We believe that players will find the bots to be a challenging and welcome addition to Paperbound when they play it either solo or with their friends!”

Will these bots truly be able to balance out oddly numbered teams, or will players typically have a skill level far above the AI, despite the adapting that the developers claim will occur? What are your thoughts on the potential skill level of the AI versus actual players?


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