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access_time March 4, 2015 at 7:13 PM in Features by Maggie Wiland

Flash Me

About a week ago, I moved to a new state and moved in with my girlfriend.

Because of this, I had to dump the majority of what I own into a storage and that sadly included my Xbox 360. One of the things we’ve done since I got here is download some emulators and a ton of roms from old NES games, Genesis games and etc. We’ve been playing stuff we’ve either never played or things that we loved from our childhood (she’s been playing Phantasy Star 4 for example). Before this, I found myself often playing mobile games and enjoying that much more than anything “hardcore” or whatever the kids these days say. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy gaming on a console or anything anymore…honestly what it boils down to is time. I’m 25. I’m an adult-so people tell me-and I just don’t have the time or the patience to sit down and sink hours into things like Skyrim or even waste hours on a crappy shooter. It’s made me very nostalgic for a time when I ended up just playing flash games all the dang time.

Back when I was in middle school/high school, instead of doing my work in my computer classes, I spent the period on addictinggames.com, miniclip.com and on occasions places like ebaumsworld.com. The thing with flash and mobile games is that they’re short and repetitive but not to the point of frustration. Often times on a console game, you have to work for hours to get to a new level or get to a big boss or whatever. Flash games need to keep your attention. They need to be simple yet mildly challenging. They need to keep you glued to your screen. The premises are often simple (and this is why stuff like Flappy Bird, Fruit Ninja and anything else caught on) because take bloons for example. You’re a monkey with darts and your whole goal is to bounce darts off rubber pieces to eliminate balloons, or to simply just pop the balloons in general. Simple. But there’s nuances. There’s small things that make you only slightly frustrated enough to not give up and always keep coming back. And sometimes they try and make small games into something bigger and more hardcore. Sonic 06? Does anyone remember that atrocity that almost was a dark Vectorman? If they started doing this sort of thing to flash games, Bloons would become drastically different.


Ok yeah I kinda did that for the joke, but it isn’t too far fetched given the gaming industry’s track record. My point is that flash games are weird. They never fell out of favor cause it seems they were never really IN favor. Flash and mobile games, at least to gamers into consoles and not so much the casual crowd, are games for when you CAN’T play a console game. But honestly, I like them. It’s mindless entertainment, like 90s sitcoms or certain podcasts. Background noise. Something you don’t have to focus much on, but can still enjoy and NOT want to kill your entire family because somebody stole the weapon you wanted in a multiplayer match. I think it’s a shame they’re not-at least to my knowledge-more played, although it seems the mobile market has kind of kept that idea alive with Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

The other thing about flash games though is most are independently made by some dude in his bedroom or parents basement, while more and more mobile games seem to be coming from mainstream markets and full on companies. Rovio isn’t a dude, it’s a corporation. Being an artist myself I’d like to support independent creations, even if it’s not in a monetary way (because there’s no real way to pay the makers of flash games and generally they get paid by google adsense anyway for the ads splattered across their game or games page). I think that’s way better. Also the games are generally way better anyway.

Ok so now that I’ve pissed off the more hardcore audience, here’s a few more totally stupid unpopular opinions to make you all wanna send me hate mail:

  • game of thrones is boring
  • the walking dead is terribly written
  • halo is the best shooter franchise

Have a good weekend everybody!


Maggie Rose is a 25 y/o trans lesbian. She currently lives in Olympia with her girlfriend and together they fight crime, put an end to injustice and sometimes do laundry. She is a writer because she has no other skills or applicable talents useable for monetary gain.


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