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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – The Bright Lord DLC Detailed

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s upcoming The Bright Lord DLC will give the possibility to take the role of Talion’s companion, Celebrimbor the Elven Lord. The add-on features a ten mission campaign set thousands of years before the events of the main game’s story, which will end with a confrontation with Sauron.

“During the main story of Shadow of Mordor, we showed flashbacks to Celebrimbor’s life, and in particular his involvement with the Rings of Power and his downfall within Mordor. It was very exciting for us to be able to go back and actually play elements of this story.”  Monolith‘s director of design, Michael de Plater, told The One Ring.

“The main new abilities revolve around wielding the power of the One Ring. This increases your powers of Domination, so you have an aura which can force enemies to fight for you, you can also use the Ring to enter the Wraith world and slow time so you can battle enemies from the shadows and you can use your followers to heal yourself in combat.

Additionally Celebrimbor is even more powerful with his bow. All of this increased power is very important as your enemies are also stronger, this is a time when the power of Sauron is at its height within Mordor.”

Shadow of Mordor

Source: The One Ring



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