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The Last Guardian Still in Development, Sony Confirms

by on February 17, 2015


Everyone thought that The Last Guardian’s development stopped last week, when someone found out that the game’s trademark has been abandoned in the US. It appears that the game is still in development, as Sony confirmed to Gamespot, as the trademark was lost because of a administrative error at PlayStation America.

The Last Guardian is one of the most awaited games, maybe except for Half Life 3. It has been originally revealed in 2009, as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Since then, only speculations surfaced the internet, with no real or confirmed updates being released. Since the PlayStation 3’s life span is coming to an end, we’re expecting for Sony to develop the game for the next-gen console PlayStation 4.

The fact that the company lost the trademark by accident, and then got it back, helped us get as little as the confirmation that The Last Guardian is still in development. Hopefully we’ll hear more about The Last Guardian before the trademark expires again next year.

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