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League of Legends continues to dominate most played PC games list

Recently the folks at Raptr have revealed the top 20 most played PC games of January. The list can be seen below, and it may be a tad surprising:

raptr january

The list may look quite familiar to those who read the top 20 list of December. The reason for this is quite simple: None of the games from last month dropped off the list, meaning that no new games were able to enter one of the coveted top 20 positions.

That said, as the folks at Raptr point out, World of Warcraft, despite ending 2014 with impressive gains, thanks to the Draenor expansion, January saw a loss of 5.28% play time.

They go on to report that both DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive managed to gain quite a bit of play time. The former managed to increase by 23.18% while the latter managed a whopping 37.23% increase when compared to December.

The final of the top five is none other than Smite, which managed to release a brand new god for gamers to enjoy. Unfortunately, however, the new god wasn’t powerful enough to gain more than 1.00% play time.

The most impressive gain was made by none other than Diablo III. This title boasted an astounding 77.27% play time increase, moving it up five places in the Most Played list. This is likely due in large part to patch 2.1.2, which released last month and boasted major updates to classes and items, as well as the addition of new Season Legendary Items.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Warframe. This game managed to earn the position of the biggest loser in January, managing to fall six places. This 17.89% play time decrease came in spite of the addition of new weapons, skins, and even a brand new mini-game.



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