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PS4 Users Facing CE-32937-4 and SU-30709-9 Error With 2.04 FW Update

by on February 16, 2015


Only a few minutes ago, we found out that Sony has just released the 2.04 system software update for PlayStation 4 consoles. Sadly, the update seems to be bugged, as nobody can update their consoles and play online. The most common shown errors are CE-32937-4 and SU-30709-9.

While the problems seems to be serious, we sure hope that Sony will fix it soon. Let us know if you are able to update your console, and how you managed to do it!

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  • Ashortdude
    February 17, 2015 at 7:52 AM

    I just turned on my console a few moments ago and it installed the update no problem. Nothing seems real different for me though as I still can’t stream videos easily…or at all.


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