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The Crew’s Patch #3 Notes

by on February 5, 2015


Ubisoft has offered details about the thrid patch for their latest racing video game, The Crew, which is set to be released next week. The update will add a new PvP mode featuring elimination races across 10 new tracks, new faction missions and a variety of fixes.

You will be able to download the patch starting on February 12th. You can check out the patch notes below.

Patch notes:

New content:

  • New PvP mode – The new PvP mode is an elimination race with 10 new tracks available.
  • New faction missions – Four new faction missions will be released with the patch on Thursday, February 12.

Fixes and updates:

  • Online – The quick co-op feature has been improved, and several bugs related to joining sessions have been fixed.
  • Online PvP lobby improvements – Enabled browsing of players after selecting cars.
  • Online PvP session improvements – Matchmaking should now allow players to find more players quicker.
  • Statistics – Fixed the issue that was causing statistics to display incorrect data and/or simply reset the data. Previous data will not be restored, but new statistics should not be lost anymore.
  • Awards – Fixed an issue related to unlocking and tracking the progress of certain awards.
  • Challenges – Fixed an issue related to progression on challenges.
  • Frame rate – Improved frame rate in cockpit view.
  • UI – Fixed an issue when applying certain parts.
  • Friends – Fixed an issue related to a friend’s presence in game – their status will be set to offline when they quit the game.
  • Cars – Improvements and tweaking of several cars’ handling and speed
  • Cars – Buggy’s grip has been improved in order for it to be able to climb hills as other Raid cars.
  • Cars – Fixed a bug where some cars were able to reach an extreme off-road top speed in reverse gear for: Bentley Continental GT, Cadillac Escalade, Abarth 500, Alfa Romeo 4C, Hummer H1 Alpha, MINI Cooper S:
  • Cars – Toned down the nitro and grip for MINI Cooper S.
  • Cars – Lamborghini Murcielago grip slightly improved when using nitro.


  • AI behavior in some missions improved.
  • AI and police car behavior in chase missions improved:
  • Opponent cars are now less aggressive, and they try more to follow players instead of taking them down.


  • Modifications applied to the friction on side barriers in order to avoid wall-riding exploit.

Source: Ubisoft Forums


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