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Bloodborne – Character Creation Tool

by on February 5, 2015

A new trailer was revealed for Bloodborne, which shows us the character creation tool before the exclusive PlayStation 4 action-role playing video game hits the stores on March 25th in North American!

The game seems to be a successor to From Software‘s Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls with a similar gothic set. This time the ruined city of Yharnam will be our “home”, where many travelers make pilgrimages seeking the remedy to cure their afflictions. The player will  take the role as one of these travelers. Upon arriving in the city, however, it is discovered that the city is plagued with an endemic illness that has malformed most of its denizens into bestial creatures. The player must navigate the streets of Yharnam and overcome its violently deranged inhabitants and horrifying monsters in order to survive.

You can watch the video below:

Source: IGN

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