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access_time January 31, 2015 at 7:33 AM in Features by Dragos Dobre

Is Evolve a Boring Game?


There’s a thick cloud of controversy above Evolve’s head, full of whispers that the game is either boring or lacks substance. We’ve heard them, over and over, but are they really true? At this point, almost everyone who showed an interest in this game had the chance to play it in the open and closed betas. We played it too, but is a beta enough to judge a game by its “cover’? In some cases it is, but not always.

Evolve has a rather unique concept, where four players team up against a monster (which is controlled by a fifth player). The hunters will have to track and kill the monster before it evolves and becomes way more powerful than it is early in the game. If the monster manages to evolve to the final stage, he will be able to destroy the relay, which results in the ending of the game.

The game is rather balanced, each hunter class having an important role in the fight against the fearless creature. You just can’t defeat it without coordination and help from your team mates. Interesting enough, the game can completely shift in any direction in a matter of seconds. The advantage is easily gained and lost in Evolve, making things even more exciting.

While Evolve is meant to be played online, with friends, it also features a single-player campaign. Sadly, this part of the game is exactly like the online one, except that it has AI opponents. This means that Evolve basically offers the same experience both online and offline.


So, naturally, I’ll have to agree with some of the whispers I’ve mentioned earlier. Evolve doesn’t seem to have a lot to offer from day one. Surely, it has different modes and characters, players having a bunch of hunters and monsters from where to choose from.  Some of them are unlocked by simply buying the game, but others are locked behind an insane paywall ($15 for a monster).

This means that the few content the games has to offer is somehow locked for someone who doesn’t pre-order it, or simply doesn’t want to pay $15 for each damn extra character.

When you add your friends to the formula, the game will surely be a lot more enjoyable. But when you’re playing alone, without spending a dime on DLCs, will the game still appeal to you after a few weeks, if not days?

The hunt can be fun, and challenging at the same time, but will it be enough to keep Evolve above anything else for a long period of time? We’ve all seen the Titanfall fiasco, and we’re not quite sure where Evolve’s future lies. Will it be just another boring game, or the greatest multiplayer experience of 2015?


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