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access_time January 29, 2015 at 8:28 AM in Culture by Marcos Aranda

An in-depth look at the Dutch Game Garden in the Netherlands

Dutch Gaming

I recently had the privilege to visit the gaming capital of the Netherlands and stop into an amazing place called the Dutch Game Garden. Think of this as a dorm full of different up-and-coming gaming developers. It currently houses and facilitates 72 companies and as of now helps to create over 352 jobs and generates revenues of 20 million Euros. Their overall goal is to help create jobs by accelerating the Dutch Gaming Industry.

Some of their other goals are aimed to increase visibility, offer affordable housing for startup companies that don’t yet have the funds to quite set out on their own, establish and expand networks and promote entrepreneurship. Over 20,000 visitors and guests have come to visit the DGG since its founding in June of 2008.

The growth in NL gaming developers since the DGG hit the scene is quite impressive. Since 2008, where there were only about 20 gaming companies, and have increased to over 300 by 2013. They have also incorporated gaming development programs throughout some of the colleges and universities. Growing Games Cure & Care, in association with DGG is responsible for developing games to help train professionals by simulating a realistic and emergency department environment where doctors are challenged to care for the sickest patients. It accurately assesses the medical condition of each sick patient and recognizes life threatening illnesses and injuries. This helps doctors train through life-like situations without having to put a patient through unnecessary risk.


With the help of the Nintendo Wii, they are able to train surgical doctors to maintain their laparoscopic skill set. In another attempt to incorporate gaming with safety in aiding the Rotterdam Police Department, they have created a “Crowd Control Trainer” by Vstep. This method is more cost effective and makes it safer to practice crowd control exercises which are often difficult to simulate due to having to gather and organize a huge crowd. With a realistic 3D representation of a real-life environment, you are able to interact with large crowds and gives users the tools to manage and strategize a response. The trainer includes three applications – Crowd Management, Crowd Control and Riot Prevention.


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