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Preview | Hands-on with Barry and Raid Mode in Resident Evil: Revelations 2

It’s been a good few months since the last time I played Resident Evil: Revelations 2, having done a good run through part of the first episode of the campaign with Claire Redfield and newcomer Moira Burton.  As new information surfaced and we creep closer to the release date, Capcom gave me the opportunity to get another preview, this time focused on Barry Burton’s part of the campaign.  This is the first time players will be given the opportunity to play as Barry in a canon storyline, and though he has aged, there is still plenty of life left in this old Raccoon City veteran.  We are also introduced to Barry’s “partner”, a young girl named Natalia Korda, whom Barry meets upon arrival to the mysterious island that he received his daughter’s distress signal from.  Natalia noticeably wears the bracelet that Claire and Moira are wearing after their capture, so it’s likely she is another one of the prisoners on the island.


Barry’s campaign starts right after meeting Natalia, as she stubbornly refuses to stay on his boat and manages to convince Barry to let her go along with him.  Going along the coast of the island, you’ll be attacked by giant bugs that feel almost prehistoric.  They’re pretty weak and go down in one hit, and don’t even act wit aggressive intent, being  one of the most peaceful enemies in the whole franchise.  The knife is also a very useful tactic to take them out, being a good option for players that wish to conserve ammunition.  The peaceful moments along the coast end fairly quickly as players enter the prison facility, encountering the first threatening enemy.  Unlike the Afflicted that Claire and Moira run into in their campaign, Barry and Natalia run into the recently revealed enemy known as the Rotten.  These skeleton-like enemies move much slower than the afflicted, but they make up for it by being much trickier.  If you’re not too careful, they can end up on the floor and crawling towards you, which in the dark hallways of the prison, can easily catch you off guard.  Some of them even wear old-school football helmets, making a head-shot much more difficult to pull off.  These enemies are most dangerous when in groups, as it will be easy to lose focus on the crawling ones when focusing on the ones that are still standing.  There are even some with glowing red tumors on their heads, which killing them will make small landmine-like pustules on the ground that will explode when within range, or when shot, allowing for enemies to be damaged.


Continuing through the prison, we’re given the ability to switch to Natalia for the first time.  Now Natalia has a strange ability, one I’m told will be explained as the story progresses.  She has the ability to sense things, much like the “Listen Mode” in The Last of Us, as enemies will be able to be sensed through walls, showing up as a cloudy yellow figure.  She will also be able to see objects like bricks of rocks, which will show up as white cloudy objects through walls.  Going into this sense mode puts Natalia into a crouching position, and allows her to sneak past enemies, and since she is only a little girl, she moves much quieter than the walking arms dealer known as Barry.  Even though Barry moves a lot louder, he can still manage to sneak up on enemies and take them out with a devastating stealth kill.  In contrast, Natalia is not much of a fighter, though she can manage to kill enemies on the floor with bricks or rocks, or even throw the objects at enemies.


What makes an interesting twist in this game, as players would find out, is that the campaigns are connected.  Barry goes through areas that Claire and Moira have already cleared, so any chests or enemies left in the area will be Barry’s responsibility to handle.  This makes for a potential strategy, as items that might be more useful for Barry can be left for him to give him an extra edge in his own fight.  The same could be said with enemies, as playing as Claire, players can choose to avoid certain enemies, only for them to make things more dangerous as Barry.  It’s very possible this will come into play at some point where players will have little choice but to avoid their foes to survive.  Barry plays pretty similarly to Claire, and Natalia plays a role similar to Moira’s support role.  In addition to the ability to sense enemies and objects, she can also sense hidden treasures and items to collect, very much like how Moira can use her flashlight to find hidden items.  This comes into play with certain enemies as well, as we soon find out when we discover the Revenant, another new enemy type, which is more or less a B.O.W. type enemy, stitched together from several body parts.


Revenants are much tougher than the Rotten, and even most of the Afflicted, as they are much faster, and even have the ability to morph their shape into more dangerous forms.  Despite this, they do have a weakness in the form of Natalia’s ability, as switching to Natalia allows players to discover the weak point of the Revenant, giving Barry a tip on where to shoot for an easy take-down.  If players choose not to switch to Natalia, then the Revenant will become a much bigger challenge, taking up lots of ammo from your weapons.  For the most part, Barry is just slightly more challenging than playing as Claire, and has less puzzle solving and backtracking as well.  Natalia’s ability is slightly utilized for puzzles here, as she can sense footprints from an unknown person, and use them as a guide.  From my experience with this mechanic, it didn’t seem exactly necessary, as it seemed pretty obvious where Natalia had to go.  Barry’s use in puzzles tend to fall short, as he’s mostly just used to lift large crates to get to higher ledges, so it’s more of an obstacle than a puzzle.  This part of the campaign doesn’t reveal much of the story, so it leaves a lot of mystery and a lot of speculation for how the later episodes will play out.  Despite the fairly quick glimpse I got, I look forward to seeing how this story continues and how Barry and Claire’s tales will intertwine with each other.


  • Ramon Aranda January 27, 2015 at 8:02 AM

    This actually looks pretty good. Looking forward to checking it out.

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