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Ratz Instagib Early Access is now live

by on January 21, 2015

ratz instagib

Those eagerly awaiting the Ratz Instagib Early Access need wait no longer, as the carnage has been unleashed. The Early Access has launched, and already the servers are bursting with Ratz duking it out for dominance on the leaderboards, customization unlocks, and the annihilation of their inferiors.

Ratz Instagib Early Access features 6 game modes on 8 different maps. In addition, gamers will be able to enjoy 5 beam-types as well as the challenge of unlocking 7 different frag animations, thus ensuring that the Early Access has plenty of content for players to enjoy.

The developers have stated, “Early Access feedback is essential for the development of Ratz Instagib. We highly encourage players to engage in discussion on the Steam forums, get in touch via social media channels, and contact us directly via email.”

Will you be able to annihilate all the Ratz that are inferior to you? Or are you, perhaps, the inferior one without realizing it?

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