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Neverwinter: Elemental Evil arrives in early 2015

NW_Logo_ElementalEvil_800x380Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, along with Cryptic Studios, were thrilled to announce that the newest module for the action MMORPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe, Neverwinter: Elemental Evil, would be arriving in early 2015. After launching, Cryptic intends to release more modules in 2015 with highly requested additions, such as Strongholds and several well-known characters from the Dungeons & Dragons lore.

Neverwinter: Elemental Evil will bring a new playable class known as the Paladin to the game in the largest update to-date. This brings the game’s total playable classes up to eight. Those who are interested in the new class can choose between healing and tanking versions, and all players will be able to take on new quests, feats and utilize slottable class feature powers as they level up to 70.


The game continues the partnership held with Wizards of the Coast, maintaining a one-to-one release cadence with the official D&D storylines. Gamers will journey through brand new adventures as they attempt to fight the newest threat to the Protector’s Enclave, known as the Cults of Elemental Evil. These are also present in the upcoming tabletop adventure release, Princes of the Apocalypse.

Will you be adventuring in the new game module? If so, will you be picking up the new class, the Paladin? What are your thoughts on the Strongholds and which famous characters would you like to meet?


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