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access_time January 20, 2015 at 12:47 PM in Trailers by Mihai Cosmin Nae

Pneuma: Breath of Life Launches on Xbox One Next Month

Pneuma: Breath of Life, the first-person puzzler created by Deco Digital and Bevel Studios, is coming to Xbox One next month.

“Pneuma: Breath of Life provides players with an unrivalled sense of awe and a relentless determination to solve every puzzle and progress through a narrated story of self-discovery, exploring the fundamental nature of being,” says the description.

“This is a difficult puzzler designed to force players to think outside the box and explore beyond what they know as reality through the eyes of a god, Rack your brain and progress through a series of environmental challenges that require perception, observation, and lateral thinking skills to succeed.”

Pneuma: Breath of Life

About the gameplay…

“Pneuma’s observation mechanic allows you to Lift bridges, rotate platforms and move entire rooms all with the power of your mind, This game isn’t about your skill with a controller, it’s about how you perceive and analyse situations. Pneuma’s story is one that can only be told through the interactive medium of video games.”

Pneuma: Breath of Life will be released for Xbox One on February 27th 2015.


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