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Evolve’s downloadable fourth monster has been revealed! Meet Behemoth!


Turtle Rock Studios recently announced that their fourth monster, releasing as DLC after Evolve launches on February 10th, has not only been named, but also completely revealed.  Behemoth will be the largest monster in the game, and as such, also one of the most powerful and deadly.  Behemoth cannot jump and he has a hard time climbing walls, but he makes up for it by being able to maneuver around the maps by rolling and annihilating everything in his path.

His abilities have also been revealed, able to shoot mortar-like Lava Bombs that create a small damage radius around them, as well as the ability to summon rock walls that can either trap hunters with him, or keep them away.  He has a Tongue Grab that can pull unsuspecting enemies in for a melee attack, as well as a Fissure attack that stuns all surrounding enemies caught in the blast.  Behemoth moves slow, but he has the most armor and health, and is considered to be one of the most powerful monsters in the game.  Behemoth will be available for free for all customers who preorder the game, and will release at a later date.  For more info on Behemoth, feel free to visit the official Evolve blog.  For now, feel free to watch the reveal trailer below.


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