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You Missed the Giant Lobster in Dark Souls 2

by on January 12, 2015

Illusorywall / Tumblr

Hidden inside Dark Souls 2 map files are remnants of discarded models and unfinished designs. It’s the kind of stuff you’ll never see by playing the game normally. Thankfully, Souls-series sleuth Illusorywall is digging through the map files and posting the most interesting finds on Tumblr. One of those is a giant lobster (above).

The crustacean creature is hidden in the Lost Bastille area in the game. Oddly, it’s surrounded by other random objects and is part of the map’s design, not a character model as is more common. The only thing that makes some sense is it’s underwater location. Was it a boss? An unused enemy type? There’s a lot of room to speculate, and, if file digging from the original Dark Souls is any indication, this lobster could become important evidence of the game’s development process given more information.

Another weird thing Illusorywall found was two big models of King Vendrick and the Queen in the game’s dark Gutter map. Nobody seems to be sure why they exist, but they do. The Gutter’s map files also have a piece of a sewer that was only used in the game’s announcement trailer.


Illusorywall / Tumblr

There’s probably going to be a lot of funny and interesting things found over the course of Illusorywall’s data mining, which was just recently started. You can view full walkthroughs of each location on the site, or download the files and do it yourself.

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