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PS4’s Storage Can Now be Increased using Nyko’s Data Bank

PS4's Storage Can Now be Increased using Nyko's Data Bank

PS4’s Storage Can Now be Increased using Nyko’s Data Bank

If you currently own a next-gen console, you should already know that the standard 500GB is not even close to being enough for someone who plays mostly digital games, or has a lot of DLCs purchased. In aid to gamers, Nyko has unveiled a new solution for PlayStation 4 users to increase the console’s storage via 3.5″ standard hard drives.

It’s cheaper, it’s easier, and it allows you to add even more storage where you can add your favorite games. The PS4 Data Bank is a dock that replaces the top and the old HDD of the console,and adds support for any 3.5″ HDD you want.

“The solution eliminates the need for an external hard drive, which currently cannot support game installs or save data,” said Nyko at CES.

3.5″ hard drives are more common and cheap, as are used mostly in desktops, while the 2.5″ are used in laptops and lately, in next-gen consoles. This means that if you have an extra HDD in your PC, you can just take it out and add it to your PS4. We don’t know the Data Bank’s release date or price tag, but this information will surely be disclosed soon.

Source: VG247


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