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Bonus Character for Killer Instinct Season 2

by on January 6, 2015

Killer Instinct Season 2 gets a bonus character, named Omen – a bat-winged creature. It will be exclusive for those who owns the Combo Breaker or Ultra Edition versions of the game and won’t be available to purchase individually!

Omen is the Herald of Gargos who has been freed from possessing Jago, and has accumulated enough power from battling as Shadow Jago to finally become his actual physical manifestation in the mortal world. “He is corruption, fear, and rage given form. He is the right hand of his master’s will. He is the sign of the darkness to come. He is shadow energy incarnate. He is Omen!”, says the description on the Ultra-Combo forum.


Omen’s move set are simillar to Shadow Jago’s, with a few new moves and special combos:

  • 3 shadow stocks!
  • Shadow-powered ability to cancel any action, turn into shadow, and move a short distance in any direction
  • Multi-hitting close-range kick special
  • Powerful projectile zoning with some radical projectile options
  • A special move that burns all 3 stocks!
  • Aerial movement options
  • Slide

Omen will be available for Killer Instinct Season 2 in a few weeks, but he won’t be part of the eight character offering. I repeat, he is a bonus character only for those who owns the Combo Breaker or Ultra Edition versions of the game, like Shadow Jago was for Season 1.

Source: Ultra-Combo forum

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