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Xbox One Price Climbs Back Up at $400

by on January 5, 2015
Xbox One Price Climbs Back Up at $400

Xbox One Price Climbs Back Up at $400


Just as Microsoft told us, and nobody believed them, the price tag for the Xbox One has been raised at $400. The console was sold in different bundles at $350 for the past two months, sky rocketing its sales across the United States. Not only more people got their hands on Microsoft’s next-gen console, but the company also managed for the first time in Xbox One’s history to outsell PlayStation 4.

So, we got to the conclusion that Microsoft won’t take back the $50 off the console, since it made such great things for them. Apparently, they now feel confident enough to sell the console at its original price (without the Kinect). For those who managed to get the console a bit cheaper, good for you, but for those who didn’t you should not panic, as we’re sure that more great deals will follow soon.

Will Xbox One sales drop after the company dropped its biggest offer?

Source: Gamespot

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