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Review | Just Dance 2015


If you’ve played a Just Dance game in the past, you pretty much know what to expect. However, Ubisoft adds a nice bit of polish to this year’s edition, as well as some newer features that improve the overall formula.

The biggest thing that stood out to me from the start was the higher production value of Just Dance 2015. The presentation of the musical performances now includes a lot more special effects and props that mirror what you’d expect from the actual music videos. As for Kinect, which you more or less need to play (you don’t want to bother with the alternative), the sensor does seem to pick up your movements a little bit better, though it’s still possible to get by a routine by half-assing it a bit.


What makes Just Dance a joy to play however, is simply put, it’s fun. Busting the game out while at home with friends or family is always a cause for laughter, especially after a few brews. If there is one item that needs a major overhaul though, it’s the menu system, which continues to confuse me. Navigating isn’t intuitive at all and I often felt like I had to wait for the game to allow me to move forward or backward.

Menus aside, once you get a host of friends ready to go, there’s a lot to like, even if you’re playing solo. That’s thanks to the online multiplayer that lets you jump into a lobby to take on another player in a dance-off, or join a dance party, which can handle up to eight players in a battle to see who can score the most points. I ended up playing in more than a handful of these online battles and came away very happy with the game’s performance, as I didn’t come across any lag. In addition, you can take on a ghost challenger (think Mario Kart) as the game will show you a dance routine of another player’s high score, allowing you to challenge it. Other players can upload their videos and you can challenge one at any time.


The overall package is a pretty solid one for Just Dance 2015, even if it’s in need of some changes to interface and more accurate body tracking (it’s gotten better though). The soundtrack is excellent and the visual presentation of the videos is spot on.

Final Score: 3.5 out of 5


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