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WWE SuperCard receives new gameplay mode


Today 2K was thrilled to announce a brand new gameplay mode for the WWE collectible card game, WWE SuperCard. This game mode, now available to download for iOS and Android, is known as Road to Glory.

Road to Glory will be a regularly scheduled mega-event in WWE SuperCard that challenges gamers to win 22-card rumbles against increasingly difficult WWE Superstars. Thanks to its notable rewards for building the ultimate WWE roster, Road to Glory is sure to offer strong replay value for gamers.

Interested gamers can preview and familiarize themselves with the very first Road to Glory event today. This event’s active play period will run from Christmas, December 25 at 12:01 AM PST through Tuesday, December 30 at 12:00 PM PST.

Here is the information provided by the press release:

Road to Glory Basics:
In a Road to Glory event, players begin at the Common rarity level and take on a series of increasingly difficult WWE Superstars. They will choose from a list of opponents with varying difficulties and whose decks have the rating of the Superstars. Each Road to Glory game uses a deck consisting of 22 cards (16 Superstars, four Divas and two Support) for both the player and opponent. A round begins when four cards are dealt to both the player and opponent. Players
select cards they would like to play, and the highest stat total wins and gains a point. The player with the most points after four rounds wins the game.

Road to Glory Rewards:

If the player wins a Road to Glory match, he or she receives points toward defeating the current
Superstar, as well as six board picks. Losing will result in no points awarded toward defeating the Superstar and only three board picks. After a player gains the required points to defeat a Superstar, he or she is awarded that Superstar’s card at the contested rarity level and progresses to face a Superstar at the next rarity level. The further along the Road to Glory players get in the
limited window of time, the more gratifying the rewards.

Enter the  Ring with Bouts:

Players use Bouts to play Road to Glory matches. A player can hold up to five Bouts at one time. Once spent, a Bout regenerates every 15 minutes. A player may also purchase either a single Bout or a full refill of Bouts.

Tag Team Diva Matches:

Divas tag team matches have arrived in Road to Glory matches. The Divas will form alliances and have tag team preferences on their cards.
Higher Card Limits:

Road to Glory raises a player’s overall card limit to 120 cards.

Game Improvements:

The update includes minor bug fixes.



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