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Evolve’s Third Monster Wraith is finally revealed!

by on December 18, 2014


Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games have officially pulled the curtain from Wraith, Evolve’s assassin class monster, and final monster shipping with the game.  Wraith, unlike the powerhouse Goliath and the slow floating Kraken, is a quicker moving monster that uses stealth and tricks to her advantage.  Her abilities are tailored towards devastating sneak attacks and clean getaways, as she will be able warp around for her movements, turn invisible, release decoys, and even abduct other players from the group.  She also has a very powerful ability, Supernova, that will make her a force to be reckoned with, despite having the lowest amount of health and armor among the cast of monsters.  Though there is still one more monster, that monster will be downloaded after launch and will be free for those that preorder the game.  GotGame has already had some hands-on time with Wraith, so look forward to our preview and more details on how she plays soon!  Videos on the elusive Wraith can be found on the official Evolve blog.

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