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Outlast playthrough Episode 1

by on December 16, 2014

While still working on Shadow of Mordor, I began desiring a horror game in my gaming diet. Having received Outlast via PlayStation Plus, I decided to go ahead and begin streaming and converting the stream to YouTube. I’m starting out on the highest difficulty, Nightmare, which means that if I die, that’s it, and I must start over from the beginning. Because I can’t imagine watching me do the same things over and over again would be thrilling, if I die too often I’ll turn it down a notch, though I’ll also continue the Nightmare run off camera.

The Outlast playthrough Episode 1 sees our arrival at the asylum, and our meeting with some of the inhabitants. Will the reporter we’re in control of manage to survive the horrors of the asylum? Or will he be killed by the inhabitants?

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