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access_time December 4, 2014 at 8:11 PM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

Fat Chicken is now available for iOS, PC, and Mac

Fat Chicken now available for gamers to enjoy.

Fat Chicken now available for gamers to enjoy.

Today Relevant Games and Mighty Rabbit Studios were excited to release Fat Chicken on iOS, PC, and Mac. Fat Chicken places you in the role of a factory farm manager who needs to plump up incoming waves of livestock that are on their way to the slaughterhouse, where they’ll be turned into tasty meat products.

The plumper you get the livestock, the more Murderbux you’ll earn, which you’ll be able to utilize to build factory farms across America. You’ll be able to utilize multiple tower types (and their upgrades) in order to keep your livestock healthy, happy, and safe from those pesky UFOs that will be trying to take them from you.

In addition to the towers, you can bring on Hired Hands and Security Guards, which will provide boosts to help keep your operations running smoothly. Some boosts include speeding up breeding, fighting protesters, and healing sick animals.

Features of Fat Chicken

  • A fresh and tasty take on tower defense – keep the creeps alive and happy by stuffing incoming waves of livestock with corn, growth hormones and antibiotics while growing them to epic proportions as they march to their doom at the slaughterhouse.
  • Build your farm and staff up with hired hands to meet your Meat Quotas. Strategic Tower Defense gameplay has never been so “udderly awesome!”
  • Huge Campaign – Work your way across the U.S., hitting 13 different locations and 26 challenging levels on your quest to climb the ranks and overthrow the Fat Chicken Meat Co.
  • Put your R&D department to work – Complete missions to unlock new equipment and tasty upgrades for your farm.
  • Hire farm hands and “heroes” to herd, help and heal your livestock, all in the name of faster production and more meat for the market.
  • Full Music Soundtrack – 17 original tracks from award winning composer Jason Graves, fresh off his success with the latest Tomb Raider reboot and the Dead Space series.
  • Get an inside look at the insidious world of Factory Farming, where everything is not as “Old MacDonald” as it seems!


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