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Chibi Warriors unleashes the Awaken System

Chibi Warriors reveals the Awaken System.

Chibi Warriors reveals the Awaken System.

Chibi Warriors unleashes the Awaken System today. This system gives Warriors a second chance to grow up and guarantees more abundant gameplay in the future. In order to unlock this function, you must reach level 50 and refine soul. You’ll need enough of the Godly Warrior Shards (50, to be exact) in order to break the shield and awaken your warrior.

If you want to preview the warriors you can awaken in Chibi Warriors, you just need to check out the “Awaken Godly Warrior” tag on the Warriors’ Platform.

Players should note that the Refine Soul function will be very important to utilize if you want to develop your warriors in the later period. You will be able to use Orange Warrior Cards to refine your soul and increase your Warrior’s attributes. This is, perhaps, the most important method when both the cultivation and refining reach the upper limit.

“That’s all well and good,” you may be thinking, “but where exactly do I get these Godly Warrior Shards? Surely they can’t be common if they give you such an advantage.” Well, you’d be correct. Godly Warrior Shards are the rarest materials in the game of Chibi Warriors. It’s claimed that these Godly Warrior Shards were scattered everywhere during the chaos, and players will be able to collect them from the Honor Shop of Army War. You also have a chance to receive them from Army Boss Battles and World Boss Battles.

Once you have finally managed to collect the necessary Godly Warrior Shards and awaken your Warrior, its name will become orange and the shape will become real. In addition, the Warrior’s attack attribute will be permanently increased, and its fighting capacity will be enhanced. Overall, the Warrior will become much more important once you have awakened it.


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