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NoLimits 2: Roller Coaster Simulator receives Oculus Rift support

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Today the team behind NoLimits 2: Roller Coaster Simulator revealed that the game now has full support for Oculus Rift. This allows virtual reality fans to enjoy the most realistic roller coaster simulator software in The Rift. Fans can utilize the software to create the rides of their dreams, thanks to the built-in sandbox editor.

The editor features thirty-seven authentic and true to life roller coaster styles. Six new styles are planned to be added into the game soon, expanding your roller coaster creation options even more.

The team behind NoLimits 2: Roller Coaster Simulator combines exceptional detail and realism with a 100 percent custom next generation 3D engine. This allowed them to create the “best virtual sandbox available”. Dozens of roller coaster manufacturers and themed entertainment design companies already utilize the accurate physics of NoLimits in order to design real attractions.

One square mile of workspace gives you quite the large sandbox for your imagination to run wild with. Featuring a custom scripting engine, powerful track-shaping tools, detailed environment and terrain settings, custom lighting, and even 3D custom scene object support for LightWave, 3DS, and Collada, the developers insist that the only limit is your own imagination.

NoLimits 2: Roller Coaster Simulator features include:

  • Designed for multicore CPUs, next generation graphics cards, and Oculus Rift
  • Realistic roller coaster physics
  • Integrated park editor
  • Custom scenery object import supporting 3DS, LWO and DAE
  • 37 coaster styles including 4D, flying, spinning, swinging suspended and wooden
  • Shuttle coaster mode
  • Advanced block system for multiple trains per track
  • Switches and transfer tracks
  • Multiple coasters per park
  • Dueling coasters with dual and synchronized stations
  • Animated brakes, wheels, lift hills, harnesses, gates and special loading platforms
  • Multiple camera perspectives: walk mode, onboard, free flying, target, fly-by, pursuit and scripted
  • Advanced terrain engine
  • And more!

What sort of crazy rides will you create in NoLimits 2: Roller Coaster Simulator?


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