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access_time November 25, 2014 at 4:28 AM in News by Robert Craciun

Skyforge Shows Off New Class

My.com and Obsidian Entertainment revealed one of the classes featured in the upcoming sci-fi action MMORPG: the Berserker.

The Berserker is an advanced melee character that makes use of his rage and powerful combos to obliterate his enemies. His place is in the heat of the battle and only when damaged will he be able to use his maximum potential and the most effective abilities.

“This fighter is a melee expert who rushes headlong into the fight and never hides behind allies. Berserkers have a wide range of tools at their disposal that allow them to control their opponents through slows, stuns, knock backs or by pulling their opponents into range. With just a few swings of their massive chainsword, they can cripple several enemies all at once. Not all of their abilities are offensive in nature. They are also are able to reflect incoming damage and can even partially restore health. Thanks to all this, the Berserker feels comfortable facing off against single enemies or groups of opponents”.

For more information, watch the video below:


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