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Edge of Space launches mega content update

Edge of Space has launched the biggest content update that the game has ever received. This content update should give galactic adventurers a reason to rejoice, as it includes a lot of shiny new gear and weapons for players to acquire. That said, the content also features overhauled crafting schematics in order to create an even better experience.

Brand new creatures, both “passively indifferent” and “lethally prejudiced” are also included in this new update. Perhaps the biggest addition, in terms of new monsters, is a brand new World Boss for players to challenge.

There will be a steady stream of updates as Edge of Space nears its final launch date. The content update includes:

  • 18 Armor Sets – 18 distinctive armor types specialized in various aspects of combat, exploration, science research, mining, and much more.
  • 16 Weapon Schematics – Pew-pew-pew, BOOM-BOOM!
  • Tools Of The Trade – 5 added laser mining picks, four Kits to equip, and  brand new devices like the Automated Miner and Grappling Hook
  • 5 Creature Types – King Jelly and Headhunter mini-bosses headline a host of new deadly terrors
  • 4 Pets – Because as useful as the Firefox can be in dark places, having new pets that offer other abilities is rad
  • Improved Tier One and Tier Two Gameplay – Updated player progression, updated loot system, improved spawning rates, and more
  • Revamped Research System – Research system has been changed to allow players more freedom to diverge off into specific tech branches
  • Death System – Gamers have the choice to regenerate with full health at a cryopod location or regenerate instantly at the cost of 1 cryorod with slightly less health
  • New World Dungeon and World Boss – Enter the New Penguin Dungeon and get ready for the long-awaited introduction to the new boss, DJ Penguin
  • 10 Added Dynamic Event Scenarios – Randomly generated world events that can be beneficial or dangerous

Edge of Space is, for those unaware, an open-world, dynamically-generated, sandbox survival-adventure game. You will emerge from a crashed cryopod armed only with a laser mining pick and some minor gear. In order to survive, you’ll need to begin exploring and collecting resources. You’ll then utilize these resources to create survival equipment.

You’ll need to be careful, however, as you will encounter a number of fantastic monstrosities. These include cybernetically-enhanced Space Laser Sharks, genetically-evolved Plasma Polar Bears, and deadly-quick Jetpack Space Penguins.



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