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Pier Solar and the Great Architects Available Now on Xbox One

by on November 22, 2014

The RPG game Pier Solar and the Great Architects is out now on Xbox One, and to celebrate this WaterMelon, the developer, has released the game’s launch trailer.

Pier Solar tells the story of Hoston, a young botanist who is on a quest to save his father from a mysterious illness. Along with his two best friends Alina and Edessot, the three friends embark on a quest seeking a rare herb to cure the illness of Hoston’s father.


Created in the style of classic JRPGs, the game is supposed to have 50 hours of gameplay, 300 locations and 800 NPCs. This sounds a lot for a game like Pier Solar and the Great Architects, which wants us to travel back to a golden era of roleplaying games. You can purchase the game for $14.99 by clicking here.

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