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Talisman: The Dungeon now available on Android

Talisman: The Dungeon expansion arrives on Android devices today.

Talisman: The Dungeon expansion arrives on Android devices today.

Today the latest expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition, titled The Dungeon, has been made available on Android phones and tablets.

The Dungeon is the first Talisman: Digital Edition expansion that adds an entirely new piece to the standard board. It extends possibilities by offering up new paths through the game. The Dungeon follows the Reaper and Frostmarch expansions, plunging you below the world of Talisman into a fearful place.

The Lord of Darkness stands watch over a vast treasure, and has set several perils to stop any would-be adventurers from accessing it. Amongst the Lord’s treasures is an alternative portal to the fabled Crown of Command.

The Dungeon offers five new characters; Gladiator, Amazon, Swashbuckler, Gypsy, and Philosopher. In addition, this newest expansion offers up 128 Dungeon Cards, 20 Spell Cards, 10 Adventure Cards, and 10 Treasure Cards.

For those who know nothing about Talisman, the magical quest game, it is a classic board game that fantasy fans have been enjoying for nearly 30 years. You take on the role of one of many characters, including warriors, rogues, and magicians, and embark on a perilous adventure. Your goal? To find and claim the fabled Crown of Command, which is a powerful artefact containing the power to destroy any rival and make the bearer the ruler of the kingdom. Talisman utilizes both dice and cards as you adventure into the depths in search of the Crown, and if you hope to beat your opponents, you’ll need to make the right decisions at the right times.



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