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access_time November 21, 2014 at 10:03 AM in News by Charlie Grammer

Bohemia Interactive unveils MINIDAYZ

Experience the zombie-infested Chernarus from a new perspective.

Experience the zombie-infested Chernarus from a new perspective.

Today Bohemia Interactive decided to release a brand new free game. This game, based on the critically acclaimed open-world survival horror MMO, DayZ, is called MINIDAYZ.

MINIDAYZ is a 2D top-down single-player game. In it, you must fight for survival in a harsh, post-apocalyptic landscape. You will need to scrounge for food and other supplies necessary for survival while keeping clear of the always present zombies. Of course, if zombies were the only threat, the game wouldn’t be very terrifying.

As a result, you’ll also need to be wary of other survivors. After all, in such a world as the one MINIDAYZ takes place in, people tend to be extremely desperate. And desperate people do desperate, not always logical, things.

If this sounds like something that interests you, you can pick it up from the Bohemia Interactive store.



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