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Warframe Archwing update now available

Warframe Archwing update is now live.

Warframe Archwing update is now live.

Today Digital Extremes has continued to set the example for AAA quality in the Free-to-Play market with the release of an extensive update for their hit sci-fi action game, Warframe. This new update, titled Archwing, gives players a new way to play the game, as well as a distinct new look to the game.

The new Archwing technology in this update puts the “space” in “space ninja”. Players will be able to fly freely through space without utilizing a ship. In addition, the update eincludes colossal new weapons, new player quests that deepen the game’s lore, challenging new enemies, a new reputation system (called Syndicates), and the release of a brand new Warframe known as Limbo, and more.

And, of course, as Warframe itself continues to expand, so does the player base. Digital Extremes has recently revealed that they have surpassed 12 million registered users on all platforms. In addition, Warframe is the most downloaded game on PlayStation 4, and has maintained a strong presence on Xbox One since it released last month.

Warframe has seen an incredible evolution since its Closed Beta release on PC two years ago,” the team stated.  With over 16 major content updates and 270+ hotfixes over those two years, Warframe does indeed seem to be one of, if not the most community-driven, development-focused AAA game available today. Of course, as the game has grown and changed, it’s only natural that the Warframe brand follow suit. Today, an updated clean, new look and feel to the Warframe brand can be experienced on Warframe.com and in-game with a newly designed game launcher and refreshed logo to accompany the Archwing update.


ARCHWING – Take Warframe’s high-energy, skilled ninja combat into the depths of space in the new game mode that puts the ‘space’ into space ninjas!  Archwing technology allowing for space combat sans spacecraft, contains unique new weapons and abilities to unleash against the enemy.

NEW QUESTS – Two new quests expand the Warframe universe.  Unlock the new Archwing technology along with the new Warframe in a set of interlinked missions.

NEW REPUTATION SYSTEM – Represent one of six Syndicates to unique rewards as your reputation increases! Wear your Syndicate’s Sigil with pride in missions to earn reputation and proclaim your loyalty.

NEW WARFRAME – Bring honor to the Solar System with a magician-like Warframe whose hat wields exceptional powers including displacing enemies into other dimensions and more.

NEW WEAPONS – Devastate opponents with the OPTICOR, a powerful new laser cannon.  Bludgeon enemies with the HALIKAR, a jet-powered throwing mace that always returns to its master.

NEW TILESET – Explore the Corpus Ice Planet!

NEW CUSTOMIZATIONS – Adorn your Warframe with intricate body art with all-new Sigils.   Customize your Archwing with Mods and colors. Give your Soma a new look with the Huntsman Soma Weapon Skin!

NEW ENEMIES – New types of enemies equipped to fly in space present new challenges in Archwing combat.  The Grineer have also emerged with a new enemy to tame your pet Kubrow.


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