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Black Friday sales aren’t good enough, here’s how to save money all year


Black Friday 2011 / GameStop

Black Friday is coming. It’s bringing a load of great sales on new games and consoles next week, but there’s a problem: it only happens once a year.

With some research, you can find games on sale for up to 50 percent of their original price just a few weeks later, and sometimes, you can find ways to save a few dollars for a pre-order.

If you’re persistent and a bit patient, there are a few ways to find games for as cheap or even cheaper than the usual Black Friday sale.

1. Game Deals

Reddit has a great thread for finding cheap games all year called Game Deals. Most of the deals are on digital games, simply because they’re more common, but they do include retail sales. It’s a good place to check often because new games are popping up all the time. And since it’s Reddit, the deals are posted pretty fast.

If you’re a Steam user, then it’s vital for the various sales since users will post detailed guides to what games are on sale and when to buy them.

2. Dealzon

Deal website Dealzon has specific categories for each system and it’s constantly updated with information about past deals and how long the current one has been available. It’s simple, and a great resource for finding deals on games. The site also provides email alerts to watch specific games if you’re into that sort of thing.

3. Wario64

If you’re not following Wario64, you need to change that. Wario is fast and accurate with his deal Tweets. He doesn’t cover all sales, but he curates specifically for what most people are interested in. He will also provide instructions on how to do retail workarounds for certain deals, like using an unheard of retailer’s cheap price as a price match option at Best Buy.

4. Cheap Ass Gamer

The classic, Cheap Ass Gamer has a few things the other resources I’ve listed don’t.

For one, it has an updated list of trade-in values for GameStop, which can give you a good ballpark for when you’re ready to go exchange some games.

Secondly, it has a price tracker that lets you watch the price of specific games as they rise and fall.

Thirdly, it has a dedicated section for trading games with other users. It’s not exactly a sale, but it can let you stay on top of new releases for less than $60 a game.

And finally, it has consistently updated weekly ads from the big retailers in the main section.

Black Friday is still a good time to buy games, but it’s important to realize that sales happen all the time. Sure, these websites won’t often have great buys on console bundles or retail gift card deals, but they’re consistent with pretty good deals throughout the whole year.



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