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GGR 857 – PlayStation TV & Killzone Mercenary

by on November 16, 2014
GGR 857 – PlayStation TV & Killzone Mercenary

GGR 857 – PlayStation TV & Killzone Mercenary

Listen up video gamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Have you ever wasted 100 bucks and said… Argghh… Why did I do that? Well here’s a 100 dollar gadget that’s totally worth it… Playstation TV! It’s super small, but it does so much! Connect wirelessly, connect your DualShock or PS4 controller… activate your PlayStation Network account… and bam… everything PlayStation is right there! Movies, and yes… dumb TV shows too… like… Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

The best thing for me so far is you can play your Vita games on your big screen… like Killzone Mercenary. Awesome… find older games from PS1 and PSP as well… Playstation TV… finally a 100 dollar gadget gamers will love…  I’m Steve Masters for GotGame.

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