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Dreadbit Games reveals Ironcast track, The Barbury

Listen to the recently unveiled Ironcast track, The Barbury, below.

Listen to the recently unveiled Ironcast track, The Barbury, below.

Today Dreadbit Games, the developers behind the upcoming puzzle game Ironcast, have shared a new battle music track from the game. This track, called The Barbury, is one of Dreadbit founder Daniel Leaver’s personal favorite tracks in Ironcast. You can listen to it here.

Composer Ed stated, “Before writing this track, I had just played a new build of Ironcast that included loads of brand new developments such as locations, missions, weapons and of course Ironcasts. The scope of the game really was becoming quite grand, and it rather
took me by surprise! So I wanted to give the next piece of music a real sense of excitement and urgency to mirror my enthusiasm for the team’s hard work and progress. The Barbury is underpinned by metallic and mechanical percussion, while strings and low woodwind provide the forward momentum for the brass melodies. As always, Amber’s Ironcast design was an inspiration, alive with utility. I layered
sounds of clocks and gears underneath a certain section to add rhythmic interest nd suggest a well maintained contraption.”

In addition to the new track, they have revealed a bit of backstory on The Spire:

Before the campaign begins, the French launch a devastating attack against the British  Empire. They use a massive fleet of airships to drop bombs on key locations throughout the South of England, crippling the military and the player’s organization, the Consortium of Merit.

The Consortium of Merit’s main base of operations is completely bombed out, killing many of the upper echelons of the elitist organization, including their current leader, Lord Butler. Taking his place in the immediate aftermath of the attack is a fierce woman by the name of Lady Emmeline H Blackwell.

Lady Blackwell and the surviving Consortium leadership take residence in a nearby Cathedral, codename: The Spire. From here, Lady Blackwell distributes important campaign information, sending the player on their missions.

But as the campaign progresses, it becomes clear that there’s more to this war than meets the eye. What isn’t Emmeline telling us?


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