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Lynell Jenkins reveals details on the WWE 2K15 Creation Suite

Lynell Jenkins, Art Director at Visual Concepts, details the WWE 2K15 Creation Suite.

Lynell Jenkins, Art Director at Visual Concepts, details the WWE 2K15 Creation Suite.

Today the Art Director at Visual Studios, Lynell Jenkins, has decided to reveal details about WWE 2K15’s Creation Suite. This comes hot on the heels of the Superstar Studio that they shared recently.

As fans of WWE video games,” stated Lynell, “we understand the Creation Suite is extremely important to gamers and one of our most popular features every year. We want everyone to know we’re fully committed to building a solid foundation and an amazing set of customization tools to satisfy in WWE 2K15 and beyond.”

Our goal for the Creation Suite was to attain a higher level of quality across the board,” he adds. “The amount of customization options
available in previous years was huge, but in order to improve the franchise now and into the future, we had to scale back in order to
focus on quality rather than quantity.”

He does have a bit of bad news for fans of the series, however. “For WWE 2K15, we were unable to support new versions of Create-an-Arena, Custom Divas, Create-a-Championship and Story Designer,” he states. “This decision was extremely difficult, but a necessary one, in order to deliver a more focused and polished game. The primary reason we did not announce these changes earlier is due to the team working until the last minute to retain as many features as possible.”

To off-set the removal of these features, 2K has created a new tool known as the Superstar Studio. The new feature is something that many fans had requested from the wrestling series for quite a long time. “We’ve received very positive feedback on Superstar Studio thus far,” he says happily, “but it seems like many want to know how the process actually works!”

“Players don’t have to be experts with design or art programs in order to use this feature,” Lynell assures fans. “In fact, they can bypass using an image editing program altogether simply by uploading an image directly to the Superstar Studio website. The only reason to bring an image into an image editing program is to add transparency (or as artists call it, an “alpha”)  to an image.”

wwe 2k15 creative 4

This sounds easy enough, but some may be wondering: How do we download images onto our consoles? It turns out that the answer to this is a bit simpler than one may think. “First, go to the ‘Logo Manager’ under Community Creations in the WWE 2K15 main menu,” Lynell instructs. “You will then be prompted to generate a ‘Logo Token,’ which will show up instantly on screen; You’ll then enter the token on our dedicated webpage on the official WWE 2K website, located at wwe.2k.com/wwe2K15logo.”

“Now, it’s time to upload your images on this page!  By entering your Logo Token, you are granted access to upload up to five images
at a time;  Once the images are uploaded, locate your images under the ‘GO TO MY LOGOS’ option in WWE 2K15 and proceed to download them. Each user is given 20 slots for downloaded images or any images uploaded by the community. The pixel dimensions for the images can be up to 512 x 512, but it doesn’t have to be exact — just as long as it’s under those dimensions, the tool will scale it to fit.”

wwe 2k15 creative

Up to eight different images can be used on your Superstar,” he explains, “but those eight images can be used as many times as you want. Once the image is placed, you can position and scale it. We will allow players to upload any image to the Superstar Studio, but we ask that they please be on their best behavior!  We are required to have systems in the game that allow users to flag inappropriate content. We will review and moderate those reports, so please keep creations and uploads friendly for all gamers.”

Gamers who have enjoyed previous titles in the franchise will recall that in previous years, they were able to change the color threads on the in-game Superstars. In addition, they could edit the attire on some of the Superstars in question. Now you’ll be able to do a bit more, as Lynell states, “For WWE 2K15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, not only will you be able to edit the color threads on the Superstars and Divas, but you will also be able to change their attires! The gear of the Superstars and Divas is constantly changing, and we’ve heard
feedback from the fans who want to keep their roster members as up-to-date as possible, which you’ll now be able to do! For example,
in WWE 2K15, we have Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in their Shield attire. With the features in Superstar Studio, you can very quickly
update their gear to match what they are currently wearing by changing their in-ring attire, entrance attire and using the Logo Manager to import their logos for their merchandise. It’s an extremely quick and easy process for all of our fans.”

wwe 2k15 creative 3

“Every attire part is given a value in the form of points,” Lynell explains, “and a Superstar can use up to 128 or 64 layers worth of attire parts. These points are shared between in-ring and entrance attires. Editing both the in-ring and entrance attires has never been easier
thanks to a new user interface that allows players to seamlessly switch between them by pressing the trigger buttons.  Being able to see both the in-ring and entrance models on the screen at the same time really expedites the entire process.”

Gamers worried about customization features in future titles should be able to lay those fears to bed. “We are fully committed to expanding the creation abilities in future WWE 2K iterations with improved tools, options and support. We will also make improvements to the Superstar Studio by adding more content into various categories (e.g. beards, clothes, hairstyles, etc.). We’re looking forward to hearing back from all our fans about what’s working and what could be improved in WWE 2K15’s Creation Suite.”


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