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Review | Corsair Gaming H1500 headset

The Corsair Gaming H1500 headset.

The Corsair Gaming H1500 headset.

I recently had the chance to test out the new Corsair Gaming H1500 headset. This headset, which is a rebrand of the Corsair Vengeance 1500 V2, is the lowest model number of the two headsets that Corsair Gaming has on the market today. The main difference between the Corsair Gaming H1500 and the H2100 is that the latter is wireless, while the former utilizes a single USB port.

The Corsair Gaming H1500 headset provides Dolby 7.1 surround sound effects through neodymium 50mm drivers. It utilizes a plastic frame, so those more used to the more sturdy, aluminum-based builds, such as the Qpad QH-90, may feel a bit off while wearing it at first. That said, the headset itself feels quite solid, regardless.

The Corsair Gaming H1500’s ear-cups utilize memory foam wrapped in micro-fiber. This serves to allow the headset to conform to the contours of your head without binding or pinching. In addition, the headband contains soft foam, covered by a synthetic leather. These allow the ear-cups to be quite comfortable, and I barely noticed it while wearing.

The Corsair Gaming H1500 allows an extension that should be enough to keep most consumers satisfied. In addition, the ear-cups can be rotated so that they face forward, making the headset a bit easier to pack up and transport. The ear-cups are suspended so that they can pivot a bit, allowing the headset to adapt to your head quite easily. Upon hearing this, some may be thinking that it would feel way too loose, however that isn’t the case.

Though the headset does exert pressure, it isn’t so much that your head feels crushed or uncomfortable. Unfortunately, though the headset doesn’t really feel really loose, I tested it out by shaking my head quite hard. Upon doing so, the headset became dislodged. It’s possible that it was simply too loose on my head in particular, however it is also possible that others may experience similar problems, and one doesn’t need the headset flying off in the midst of a challenging game.

Next up we’ll talk about the sound. This headset is quite loud, and I could hear everything perfectly fine at about 10, volume-wise. At 15, it was extremely loud, and I couldn’t stand the noise. I can only imagine that 100 would literally deafen me. That said, I do tend to have sensitive hearing, so others may not hear the volume quite as well/have any issues.

The Corsair Gaming H1500 can be utilized as a plug-and-play device, though the Corsair Utility Engine has features developed specifically for it. These features will allow you to make the most out of the headset, and it isn’t quite as bad or daunting for the H1500 as it seemed for the keyboards I reviewed.

Finally, we’ll speak of the microphone. The headset comes with a uni-directional, noise-cancelling microphone. I tested this out on three different operating systems: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Fedora. On the latter two systems it worked quite well, and those I spoke with could hear me clearly. Unfortunately, I had some issues on Windows 8.1 No matter how much I boosted the microphone, my pals on Skype could not hear anything on my end. I spoke with a representative, and he suggested checking the “Boost 20db” box in the sound settings, however I had no such checkbox. As such, I cannot say if that would allow the microphone to pick up clearly on Windows 8.1, so gamers on that system may wish to keep this in mind.

Overall, the Corsair Gaming H1500 felt quite nice, and on Windows 7 and Fedora, it was quite a high-quality headset. If not for the issues experienced on Windows 8.1, I would give this a near perfect rating, but, especially when combined with the other, albeit minor, issues, it unfortunately adds up to drop the score. Gamers who utilize different operating systems and/or can find a way to get around the extremely low mic on 8.1 (if you find a way, please share in the comments for anybody else who may have this issue) will certainly be pleased by Corsair Gaming’s headset.

Final Score: 3/5


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