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Just Cause 3 Screenshots Leaked (Rumor)

by on November 5, 2014
Just Cause 3 Screenshots Leaked (Rumor)

Just Cause 3 Screenshots Leaked (Rumor)

A batch of screenshots from the possible Just Cause 3 game have been leaked online. While the screenshots do look like they are from a possible iteration, keep in mind that the game wasn’t either announced or confirmed, and the shots can be easily manufactured.

From one of the pics, we can assume that the game follows the popular free-to-play style, as it shows a market that seems to be using points that are obtained with real money (also knows as micro-transactions). This kind of transactions are common in F2P games, and are the whole reason I’m avoiding “free” games.

This could also be a carbon-copy of the Just Cause series, and in no way or form related to the actual game.

Source: Xbox-Underground

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