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Evolve: Monsters (Big Alpha Gameplay)

We’ve been doing some serious damage in 2K’s Evolve Big Alpha this weekend and the monsters are the best part, in our humble opinion. Monsters have the ability to use their sense of smell to locate other players, do melee attacks, and either jump or fly to use up their stamina meter. The ultimate goal while playing as a monster is to either take down all of the hunting team or attempt to evolve to your monster’s 3rd stage so you can destroy a specific location on the map. At first this may seem tough, but after playing several hours to get used to the controls, learning how to effectively use each skill, and how to strategically evolve you can become a giant, killer, bad ass.


This giant tank-like beast is a brutal melee master. Effect use of the Goliath’s skills deal a tremendous amount of physical damage to your hunting foes.

1) As the Goliath the first skill in your arsenal is the rock throw. Like it sounds, your monster will pick up a giant rock and hurl it in the direction you specify dealing physical damage from afar.
2) The Goliath can also do a second skill called a Leap Smash, where you’ll take off from the ground and pound down on any hunters within the area that you pound, dealing massive damage.
3) To deal quick damage to multiple targets the Goliath can use his fire breath to sweep over the hunters or wildlife on the map.
4) And finally the Goliath can use his forth skill, the Charge Attack, to run at the hunters and deal a small amount of damage while toppling them, or quickly run away from battle.

In the alpha you start out as the Goliath and once you’ve completed specific challenges you’ll unlock the flying terror, the Kraken. The Kraken can fly, shoot projectiles while in the air, do devastating amounts of damage from afar and up close with it’s wide range of abilities.

1) The Kraken’s lightning strike skill unleashes a huge blast of lightning, that will hit a player specified target area. This skill is effective at close or long range if foes are within it’s blast radius.
2) The Kraken also gets Banshee mines, which are mines that look like black electric balls. They can be placed anywhere on the map and will hone into players and explode near them to deal out electricity damage.
3) Aftershock is the Kraken’s AOE (Area of Effect) attack that will dish out electric damage to any players in your surrounding area.
4) The 4th Kraken skill is the Vortex. The Vortex skill will push hunters away from you while also dealing damage.

The monsters are deadly, big, and extremely dangerous even at stage 1. The best strategy while playing as a monster is to gain some distance early, slowly eating to build up your armor, then gaining some more distance to evolve. Using the sneak ability was extremely effective when you needed to get the hunters off your tracks. Once you’ve hit the final stage, stage 3, build up your armor and head to the targeted map location to either eliminate it or to bring the fight to you! Then just start dishing out damage and feeling the overwhelming power you have as a huge brutal beast.

The truth about the monsters of Evolve is this; They play great and they really make you feel in charge, but they seem to be a bit over-powered.


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