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Evolve: Classes (Big Alpha Gameplay)

After spending a couple of days playing 2K’s Evolve Big Alpha and capturing as much footage as possible of our gameplay, we can say things are looking and feeling pretty good. Aside from the lack of experience most players have with this new IP and the teamwork involved in taking down a huge monstrous beast, the gameplay is solid. That being said, we thought we would make our first post about the class system and give a few hints on how to pool each character’s unique abilities for the benefit of team gameplay.

First, let me start by saying each character is extremely important when it comes to taking down the monster. They are tough, brutal, and when you’re alone or separated from your group you better hope you don’t come face to face with one. Stick together or extremely close to your group.

So let’s jump in.

Val is the MEDIC class.

1) She has a sweet healing gun that allows you to shoot allies and heal them from a distance.
2) She has a healing burst that allows her so spew out healing gas to heal any teammates within the gas cloud for a short period of time.
3) Her sniper rifle is used to added weak spots to the monster for increased damage when those spots are hit by teammate fire.
4) Her secondary weapon, the tranquilizer rifle, will slow the monster down and highlight its location for all teammates to see.

The tranquilizer rifle was a gun that I found to be incredibly important for slowing down the monster, as opposing players got better with the super fast Goliath.

Maggie is the TRAPPER class.

1) She carries the mobile arena that, once deployed, temporarily traps the monster and players inside a small area to force the fight.
2) Her machine pistol is a deadly fast close range weapon.
3) She also carries harpoon traps that can be deployed to the ground, and once triggered by the monster, will weight and slow it down. Multiple successful traps will make the monster immobile.
4) Daisy, Maggie’s pet Trapjaw will sniff out the monster and its tracks to try and lead the team in the right direction during the monster hunt. She will also actively help downed teammates up if she is allowed to get close to them.

Daisy seems a bit confused and stupid at times but is extremely crucial to a successful hunt. Hopefully, some of the A.I. kinks will get worked out.

Hank is the SUPPORT class.

1) He carries a shield projector. Similar to the medic’s healing gun, it can be shot at teammates to create a shield around them making them immune to all damage dealt to them.
2) The cloak ability can be activated making all teammates that are not taking damage invisible to the monster.
3) His primary weapon is the laser cutter, it deals a tremendous amount of damage at closer ranges.
4) He also carries the orbital barrage, a powerful ability that allows the player to rain multiple missiles from the skies onto the targeted area.

Markov is the ASSAULT class.

1) His primary weapon is the lightning gun which is used to deal heavy close range damage.
2) He carries ark mines that can be placed on the ground to deal heavy damage when stepped on by the monster.
3) His secondary weapon is the assault rifle that is effect at long range and has a very fast rate of fire.
4) He also carries a personal shield that, when activated, makes him immune to all damage dealt.

Markov is the tank. He should be provoking the monster as much as possible with his personal shield ability to ensue the teams survival.

TEAM is the only word that keeps bobbling around in my head because it’s crucial. Everyone must play their part and use their unique abilities at the right place and time, otherwise you will be destroyed. A stage 3 Goliath is a powerful foe, an it takes the entire team to take them down!!!

Be sure to check back for more Evolve Big Alpha discussion from Ohnorobo after we’ve taken on more beasts and become the monster ourselves!


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