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access_time October 29, 2014 at 5:47 PM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

Shou.TV launches beta version

A gamer plays Clash of Clans with face cam on Shou.TV.

A gamer plays Clash of Clans with face cam on Shou.TV.

Shou.TV today announced the beta release of the world’s first mobile broadcast gaming service to mirror, record, and stream live from both Android and iOS platforms. The service allows mobile game fans to watch elite gamers improve their skills and get a better feel before deciding whether or not to purchase a given title. It also acts as a source of entertainment if that is all you wish to use it for.

One Shou.TV gamer, known as Silent, stated, “Shou.TV is the greatest because it lets me broadcast my mobile games live, without
being tied to my desktop. Now I can chat with my fellow gamers and share my adventures with them at https://shou.tv/silentbeastgamer.”

The service is powered by Shou.TV’s proprietary video streaming technology Simple Live Streaming Protocol, or SLSP. Beta gamers will be able broadcast in real-time, contribute to the service’s product development, and even earn extra rewards in anticipation of Shou.TV version 1.0, which is expected to launch before the year ends.

The service is committed to be the broadcast service of choice for mobile gamers worldwide. The previously mentioned version 1.0 will include integration with several of the popular social networks and add in features such as following relationships, video and game recommendations, notifications, and even the ability to help broadcasters make money.

“Shou.TV will deliver the best possible game-playing, broadcast experience possible on mobile devices. Tablets like the iPad and Nexus 7.0 are favorites with gamers. With PC and console game development declining, Shou.TV is uniquely positioned to support the inevitable migration of the game industry to mobile platforms,” said founder.  “Shou.TV currently delights players and fans with broadcasts of many mobile games, including Minecraft, Clash of Clans, FIFA and more.”

The developers understand that the future of mobile game broadcasting will be accompanied by an increase in the worldwide gaming revenue. “Forecasted to generate $21 billion in worldwide revenues this year,” SuperData Research reports, “mobile games have become one of the most important digital platforms for gamers and publishers alike. Today, mobile games account for over one third of monthly spending among digital gamers in the United States alone.” They went on to predict that mobile gaming revenue will top $28.2 billion by 2016.

The service was built by a team boasting years of experience in video streaming technology, which has enabled them to build the “best mobile broadcasting solution in the world”. Cedric Fung stated, “Our love of games and the need for better mobile game sharing capabilities, influenced our decision to use our leading mobile broadcasting solution to power mobile gaming.”

Shou.TV’s Android and iOS encoding technology is superior in speed and quality when compared to other mobile broadcasting solutions. This service can achieve 1080p at 60fps at 10Mbps real-time AVC encoding, both for screen recording and camera preview. It supports many different filters as well.

Most other competitors do not record real-time, and they actually encode lower quality videos. These solutions result in quite a bit of delay. The solutions save raw video frames in the SD card, and utilizes a background service to encode these frames.

Because of the protocol, Shou.TV is actually more compatible with mobile devices. It works with HTTP and can actually pass through most firewalls. In order to improve security, it forces both clients and servers to utilize TLS to encrypt the stream. Those interested in learning more about the technology can visit the blog.

If this sounds like something you, as a mobile gamer, are interested in, you can download the Shou.TV Beta without charge right now. You will need a mobile device running either Android 4.1+ with ROOT or iOS 7+.

The final thing to note: Though Shou.TV currently has the fullest feature set for Android, the iOS version is still being developed.


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